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Clinical exam tips 

           In think flash they are giving their services with some of card types, there are

·        examination method card 

·        Clinical Signs and findings Card

·        Disease and Pathology Card

·        Long Case Card

 Examination method card

          They are given on that card, the examination methods for the major short case with Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Neurological, miscellaneous and long case.

Disease and Pathology Card

          Review clinically relevant information is presented in that card.

Long Case Card

          Cards include the most common long cases also all the major transplant cases.

Study for clinical exam

      In the clinical exam, they are taking both theoretical and practical exams. So need to concentrate on both exams. Some procedures are there to study, so want to keep up that procedures.

     Studying time place will be peaceful with fresh air. While preparing clinical exam not only go throw your text book, must refer many books based on your clinical exam it gives more experience. While your preparation time must take hint, it will be useful before go to exam.

        First the thing is have to concentrate on the practical part because practical knowledge gives more experience in clinical exams; it gives more credits to your score.

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